“Welcome to Indiana basketball”

— Coach Norman Dale


... A gymnasium that was built by the community, for a community.


In 1920, the Knightstown Community School had no gymnasium. Basketball games were held in Bell's Hall above Jolly's Drugstore and in the basement gym of the Presbyterian Church. It was clear: the school needed a gymnasium of its own.


In February of 1921, a half dozen Knightstown businessmen met to discuss the situation. They were aware of the fact that Knightstown was lagging behind other towns in the development of a children's athletic education and believed that area young people were entitled to physical education.

After much debate, a plan was developed and approved. A new gym would be built. Within weeks, their campaign raised more than $14,400 with donations from more than 250 private citizens and several local businesses. Construction started in the summer of 1921 and the gym was ready for use by December 1921. The first high school basketball game in the gym is believed to have been on November 25, 1921. Final score Knightstown 10, Sulphur Springs 11. The first victory for the Knightstown Falcons came on December 2, 1921 against The Indiana School for the Deaf, winning 20-18 in overtime.


They had done it. At 105 feet long and 80 feet wide, the new gym was big enough to not only accommodate basketball games and spectators (with bleacher seating around the sides and end of the playing floor), but also many civic and community oriented events.

Upon completion of the new construction, it became evident that additional funds would be needed for maintenance and custodial services, including heat and lighting. Again, the city came together with ideas about how to raise more money. It wasn't long before arrangements were made for several professional basketball teams to play on the new floor, including the EmRoes, Michigan Rails and Baltimore Orioles. The town even persuaded players from various colleges to compete against local teams.


As the town grew, so did the demands for the gym. In 1936, the school board used local and federal Works Progress Administration funds to make major improvements. The project included an exterior facelift with a new front entrance and lobby, and the creation of basement dressing rooms.


Again in 1952, the gym was expanded. In order to accommodate the school's growing art, music and science departments, construction began on the east end of the gym with a corridor containing three large classrooms.


By 1966, the gym had become obsolete. So after 44 years of serving the community and providing a place for its young people to grow and develop, the gym was closed when a newer facility was built that April. Earlier that year, the Panthers of Knightstown played their last official regular season basketball game at the gym.

It was the end of an era, or so everyone thought. For the next 20 years, the old gym saw little use.



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